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keeping memories precious


We all have sentimental pieces of jewellery tucked away in a box, or at the back of our drawer. Pieces that we'll never wear, but they hold so many memories and we can't bring ourselves to give them away or for scrap and our children don't want to wear them either. At Irene & Jenny we transform your existing jewellery by carefully dismounting the gems, melting down the gold and crafting them into a beautiful new ring that you will enjoy wearing, or would make a lovely gift to give to a member of your family. 

reclaim, reuse, relove

Working with our master jeweller of 30 years, we will take your treasured jewellery, carefully remove the stones and create your new ring. We use only the finest 18 carat Gold and Platinum but are happy to recycle your existing gold if you prefer.

By using the latest technology, you will be able to see from our illustrations exactly what your treasured ring will look like.


We can design and craft something completely bespoke and unique as a fingerprint.


“I commissioned Anita to create a special ring using the gold jewellery

from my French maternal family, and also from my mother-in-law.

I have been wearing my amazing new ring daily! Whenever I feel low, it lifts me up with the reminder of loved ones from home which hold the fondest memories”.

Sylvie Bartlett-Rawlings, France

how it works
Each ring is a one-off creation…love at second sight

From your brief and our discussions, Anita will create 3 designs for you to choose from. These will be presented in person or on line depending on your personal preferences.

At this point we will also provide you with a comprehensive estimate of the works.


making process

Once you have agreed which design you love, we will work with our Master-craftsman jeweller to create the bespoke piece according to your ring size. Each element will be carefully dismantled. There will be a first fitting for size and comfort before the gems are arranged in position to Anita's specification. This is an exacting process and crucial to the final piece. The devil is in the details as we say.


completion & delivery

Upon completion, we will deliver the new bespoke creation to you in person. Together with a care guide and written valuation for insurance purposes. The product will be hallmarked and beautifully wrapped in anticipation of revealing something of joy and emotion. What could mean more than being able to wear your family history, parental legacy knowing that every stone tells a story. 



Upon giving us the go ahead, we ask for a £750 deposit to cover our costs, protecting the designs which are unique and bespoke. Once the chosen design is selected, we ask for a deposit of 50% and the final 50% on receipt of the ring. We will also require expenses incurred during the commission, such as travel, flights, overnight stays,  hotels and delivery to be paid in advance. Every commission is unique and will take between 3 - 9 months to complete.


get in touch

Tell us about your jewellery, the emotional connection you have to the pieces and in brief what you would like to see created. We will then confirm a date and time to visit you personally at home anywhere in the world.



We will evaluate your gems and precious metals in terms of quality and value. Determine what can be repurposed and highlight gems that may fail in the process. We can work together to source new or additional materials to add to your design.


design process

Screenshot 2021-10-04 at 15.34_edited.jpg

our story


Founded by Anita Brightley-Hodges and her daughter Amalia, Irene & Jenny offers you the opportunity to preserve your history, cherish the memories and keep hold of the past. Using your family gems we will create a one-off, bespoke ring that’s fresh, vibrant and unique for you, your children and your grandchildren.


Anita will meet you in person wherever you are in the world. At a design consultation she will explore your jewellery, the stories behind each piece and each gem. And discuss your tastes and your style. We will then create a new design with your existing gems and gold and work with our master jeweller to craft your new ring – the only one of its kind in the world.


discover our collection
Each ring is a one-off creation…love at second sight

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